“I’m just grinding, homie.”

Gastor keeps busy. He is an award-winning storyteller, standup comedian, show producer and host. He’s an active member of the New York City comedy scene, and can been seen nightly at various clubs on the east coast. He’s appeared on Comedy Central’s This Is Not Happening, the New York Time’s featured The Liar Show, and The Story Collider. As the host Stoops2Stages, a weekly interview series, Gastor interviews various HipHop artist and comedians.

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Stay grinding.



Gastor Almonte is a storyteller and stand up comedian based out of Brooklyn, NY.
Gastor appeared on season 3 of "This Is Not Happening" on Comedy Central. He is the founder and host of Stoops2Stages, a weekly interview series featuring many talented independent artist from the worlds of music and comedy. He performs throughout the east coast, and has been a regular guest at QED Astoria, UCB and the NY Times featured Liar Show. Find him @GastorAlmonte on Twitter and Instagram. 

How is your storytelling different than your standup? How do you decide what elements of your work goes into your standup and which become storytelling?

My standup is very story-centric, so a cursory listen might make it hard for someone to tell them apart. The main differences are that a) in my storytelling, I’m far more concerned with ...continue reading